Shipping policy

Shipping Policy

At iSolved IT, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our valued customers, not only with top-tier products but also with reliable shipping options. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless shopping experience, whether you're in Beirut or beyond.

Domestic and International Shipping

We offer shipping services both within Beirut and to locations outside Beirut. Our goal is to make sure your orders reach you promptly and safely, no matter where you are.

Shipping Charges

Please note that shipping charges may vary based on the location and the shipping method you choose. We strive to keep our shipping fees competitive and transparent, allowing you to make an informed decision during the checkout process.

VIP Delivery Service

For those who require expedited delivery, we offer a VIP delivery service that ensures same-day delivery for your orders. This premium service is designed to meet your urgent needs, providing you with your desired products promptly and efficiently.

iSolved IT: Your Trusted Partner

As iSolved IT, we're committed to delivering not only top-notch IT products but also exceptional service, which includes our reliable shipping options. We understand the importance of convenience and timely delivery in your online shopping experience.

Rest assured that when you shop with us, your satisfaction is our priority. Explore our wide range of products, select the shipping option that suits your needs, and trust iSolved IT to provide a seamless and efficient experience every time you order. We're here to serve you, in Beirut and beyond.

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